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5 Reasons to Stay Together

Its natural that after a few years problems started to creep up into your relationship. You started to become more frustrated, distant, angry and hurt by your partners behavior.

The fact is that we are all flawed human beings. The more time we spend around one another is when we start to see that. When we are able to shift our thinking, and our skills, is when we can start to experience a deeper relationship.

Here are some reasons to stay in your relationship and apply new approaches.

1. These problems could follow you in to your next relationship. 2. Your partner may be bringing something up from your past in their actions. Deal with this issue seperately. Childhood traumas have a tendency to follow us, until they are dealt with.

3. It may feel like you are an ocean apart, but it could be a few changes in communication that create a shift. Problems start out small, building over time. Talk to your partner about what your feeling, rather then keeping it in. 4. If your always focused on what your partner is not doing, try seeing what they are doing positively. You may find that your spouse responds more positively over time in return.

5. Working through problems creates a deeper intimacy. Amazing things can happen when partners see eachothers flaws, accepting them and choosing to love.

Don't wait to get help from a professional. Couples normally enter counseling after a long period of time. Get the assistance of someone that can help bring the both of you together.

Casey D. Bearss, MA, LPC, NCC

Casey Bearss is a counselor who is passionate about helping create change in other lives. He is the owner and licensed professional counselor at Bolt Counseling Services in downtown Gulfport, MS located near Biloxi, Diamondhead, Pass Christian, Long Beach and Bay St. Louis. To link to Casey Google +.

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