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Marriage Counseling

Couples can go through many different challenges: having a new baby, taking on a new job, making a big move, dealing with cheating.  All of these events put stressors on the relationship.  Here are some tips to help you amidst these issues.

1. Listen to what your partner is saying.  Often times in relationships where communication has broken down is that each individual listens to respond.  This can often be a defense mechanism to protect yourself from being hurt.  Work past this because it ultimately could push your partner away.

2. Validate what your partner is saying.  This could mean just paraphrasing what your partner stated.  "I hear you saying that I hurt you when I yelled at you."  Don't try to fix the problem when your partner is talking about how they are feeling.  

- Don't judge, be patient.  Judgement is what puts the wall up with your partner.

- Don't think about what you are going to say.

- Allow for silence.  This can feel incredibly awkward at first.

- Repeat back what your partner is saying "paraphrasing".

- Understanding the emotions behind the words.

3. Do something nice for your partner without expecting anything in return.  Treat your relationship like you are dating again.  This is a sign of unconditional love when you do things regardless of your partners actions.  You may be surprised in the change that it creates.

These are just few helpful tips.  When relationships breakdown they can often take an extended period time to rebuild, break bad habits and create new healthy habits that build the relationship up.  

If you are in the Gulfport, Biloxi, Pass Christian or Long Beach area and we would like assistance in your relationship contact us.  

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