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Tips for Couples and Marriages in Gulfport, MS

Start your relationship off right in 2018!

When life get's busy it can be easy to find yourself disconnected from your partner. Here are some quick tips to help reconnect and start 2018 off right!

1. Do something nice for them without expecting anything in return.

2. When your talking to each other, put the phone down. Maybe you may have to designate a time each day where the phone is on airplane mode for 15 minutes in you can both be free from distraction.

3. Listen to hear what your partner is saying rather then listening to respond.

4. Tell your partner how you feel even if it is uncomfortable. Distant can be created in relationships when we keep things to ourselves and then later become resentful. Make sure to use I statements. "I felt ______ when you _______."

5. Designate a date time. Its amazing how we can expect our relationship to be strong without actually spending quality time together. If this is difficult with kids, start with at least once a month but I would encourage more if possible.

6. Notice the things your partner does that you appreciate and tell them.

If you are dealing with deeper issues such as cheating or continue to struggle then you may need the assistance of a marriage counselor. Best of luck in 2018!

We are located in downtown Gulfport, MS on 29th Avenue, Suite 25, in close proximity to Biloxi, Long Beach, Pass Christian, Bay St. Louis and Diamondhead. Call us at 228-382-3138 for a free phone consultation.

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