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Signs you may be having issues with anxiety:

  • Frequent fear and anxiety about social situations.

  • Constantly worried about what others are thinking.

  • You have been dealing with anxiety for a long period of time.

  • Physical feelings of choking, chest pain or sweating.

  • Lost sense of your self.  You feel like you are going crazy.

  • Difficulty concentrating or you mind goes blank.

  • Irratibility

  • Muscle tension.

  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying alseep.

  • Tired all of the time.

  • On edge all the time.

"I feel like I am going crazy."

How we can help.

Many people use worry in unconscious attempts at coping believing that if they can only think about it long enough, the correct solution will come to them and they will be able to solve the problem and prevent further dangers and threats from happening.  But such beliefs are unproductive and actually serve to increase the focus of negative thoughts while also preventing people from doing the things they enjoy.  By utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we will help to address these unproductive thoughts, change them and in return, reduce anxiety.

We will help guide you along a process that is proven to help you gain relief.  By learning skills to help you manage the anxiety you can start to experience moments of clarity.  As we work together, learning how to identify your feelings and communicate them to others will help you to build your own individuality.  This will be a collaborative environment where we will use your life experience, combined with our knowledge to get you towards your goals. 


Areas we will address:

  • Develop relaxation strategies.

  • Learning how to process emotions.

    • Incorporate acceptance of internal feelings.​

  • How to deal with uncertainty.

  • Changing old negative beliefs.

Bolt Counseling Services


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