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Signs you or your child may be having issues with ADHD:

  • Fails to pay attention to details which causes careless mistakes.

  • Difficulty paying attention to tasks or activities.Physical feelings of choking, chest pain or sweating.

  • Seems to not listen when spoken to directly.

  • ​Doesn't finish or follow through on tasks, activities or projects.

  • Avoids activities that require focus.

  • Frequently forgets keys, homework and important activities that need to be completed.

  • Easily distracted.

  • Constantly on the go.

  • Fidgets, taps hands, or difficult time sitting down.

  • Frequently blurts out answers.

  • Depressed.

  • Anxious.

  • Social isolation.

  • Low self-esteem.

"Where did my keys go?""

How we can help.

Without treatment symptoms of ADHD can persist into adulthood and have an impact in the workplace, at home and personally.  It's the relationship with yourself that can be most impacted from ADHD.  We will help to redefine that relationship with yourself and give you the tools to be successful in the areas of your life that are important.  

We will help guide you along a process that is proven to help gain control of ADHD.  By learning skills to help you manage the ADHD you will regain focus.  As we work together, learning how to make changes in your environment and behavior you will start to feel control in your life.  This will be a collaborative environment where we will use your life experience, combined with our knowledge to get you towards your goals. 


Areas we will address:

  • Effective classroom or workplace strategies.

  • Parental support practices.

  • ​Behavioral interventions for all ages.

  • Learn coping skills that reduce distractibility.

  • Making changes to your environment.

Bolt Counseling Services


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