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About Us

Do you feel like?​

  • Just cant get yourself out of bed.

  • Always wondering what others are thinking.​

  • You wish that you could just focus for once.

  • The voice in the back of your head keeps telling you that things are not alright.  

  • Feel empty while everyone around you seems happy.

Support starts here. 


Counseling provides a path towards regaining control and peace in your life. 

By working with an experienced counselor, it will allow you to focus your energy inward, into healing yourself.

What to expect from your counselor:

  • A counselor that directs and guides you but is gentle.

  • Your counselor will not just sit and listen, their will be back-and-forth conversation.

  • Someone who will listen and hear what you have to say.

  • Provide insight for the issue being faced.

  • They will be supportive, attentive and ask tough questions.

  • Will be kind, professional and understanding.

What to expect out of counseling:

  • New insights and information about yourself.

  • Regain peace and control in your life.

  • Hope for the future, and progress towards your goals.

  • Learn how to make the right decisions for you, even when they may be difficult.

Call us today for a free consultation.

Bolt Counseling Services


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